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11th Nov 2020

Author Interviews - Tom Witkowski

This week, we’re talking with Tom Witkowski, whose story “The Guardian Devil” was featured on our most recent episode of The Storyteller Series. You can listen to Tom’s story by heading to

In “The Guardian Devil,” Leonard, the “guardian devil” from whom this story takes its title, is growing increasingly frustrated by the changing world’s waning need for creative types. In the fast-paced industry of causing trouble and mayhem for humans, there’s just no time to slow down and appreciate the artistry of a well-orchestrated mishap. However, things start to change for Leonard when, after making a new friend in the most unlikely of places, he’s presented with the opportunity to showcase his talents as a different kind of guardian (think harps and feathers).

Tom Witkowski lives in Minnesota and has spent the last 25 years avoiding respectable careers by working as a copywriter in advertising. He’s worked on brands like Harley-Davidson and the Minnesota Twins, and won seven regional Emmys, as well as many other industry awards, most of which mean nothing. He started a short fiction blog in 2019 called 9 Circles Fiction, and his stories have since appeared in The Daily Drunk and Bright Flash Literary Review. 

In his spare time, he dreams about mountains. 

You can follow him on Facebook and Twitter (@9CirclesFiction) and read more stories on his site,

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